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Mauritius Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year to me is all about family and food. So a few days before the eve of CNY, grandma would call me, “hey, come help me slaughter the chickens, and make sure you come early for the service offering“.

So on the day, I arrived at her place at around 9 am. She showed me the chicken and said, “this one here is 6 months 21 days old”. OMG!!, she knows all her chickens as if they were her own children. I mean, she raised them from the time they were basically eggs, and today one of them is about to be offered as a “gift” to the Gods and ancestors.

At 10 am we start the service. “Bless everyone in the family“, she muttered to the Gods and then asked me to take the incense and say my own prayers. “May I win the lotto“, I muttered – only kidding :).

Chinese New Year is also about the food – tien yen nain (round sweet potatoes balls), gato la cire (literally means wax cake), sipek (prawn crackers), and a ten dishes banquet cooked by mum.¬†We don’t eat out at restaurant for CNY. My mum would prepare most of the dishes herself – shark fin soup, Hakka fried chicken, Hakka steamed chicken (pak cham ker), fish balls soup, sweet and sour crab, home made roast pork, and so on. Recipes of these dishes will be added in the near future.



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