Two Women and A Half Man …a cooking journey with mum and grandma in beautiful Mauritius…

Pereybere Afternoon Swim

Pereybere is a coastal village situated in north west of the Mauritius popular for its beach and shallow warm lagoon. The best time of the day to go for a swim at Pereybere is in the afternoon when it is less crowded as you watch the sun sets away in the horizon. The lagoon of Pereybere is one of best places in Mauritius to go for a dip. The lagoon floor consists of white sand and free of sharp corals and rocks. Like all the other beaches in Mauritius, you will find buzzing food stalls selling kebab, burgers, ice cream, and fresh coconut. Pereybere is only a 30 mins drive away from Port-Louis the capital and 5 mins drive from the touristy and vibrant town of Grand-Baie.



 **Some pictures taken by my good friend melissa**

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