Two Women and A Half Man …a cooking journey with mum and grandma in beautiful Mauritius…

South Coast Drive

The south coast of Mauritius is also known as the wild coast and driving along this coast offers the most spectacular views. Start your journey from Le Morne in the South West and drive east to Choisy, Baie du Cap, Bel Ombre, and make a stop at Gris Gris in Souillac. And then from Souillac, make your way to Mahebourg and you will encounter the southern villages of Riviere des Anguilles and L’escalier.


The southern region of Mauritius is rich in history as it is in Vieux Grand Port where the Dutch first landed on the island in 1638. During the French colonisation, Mahe de Labourdonnais Рthe Governor at the time Рdecided to move the main port to the west which is now Port-Louis. Nowadays, the South remains the least developed part of the island, which naturally makes it the most authentic region of Mauritius.


**Pictures taken by my good friend melissa**


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